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As Chief Architect and Creative Director of Jumping Frog Entertainment, Cliff brings a worldwide network of talented people together to create one of a kind Immersive Experiences for Broadcast Media, Museums, Events, Theme Parks, and Conventions. We’re able to create eye-popping interactivity…allowing Art, Projection Mapping, Animation, Music, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Augmented and Virtual Reality to come to life with endless possibilities. 


“It’s an interesting phenomena because having creative partners in multiple countries allows us the freedom to explore their artistic design perspectives in ways that make our collaborations more audience driven. Artists are reflections of the culture and societies in which they live and when we start stirring the pot, wonderful ideas begin to percolate. I just try to stay out of their way and let the mojo-mo!” 


Our ambition is to produce interactive worlds of art, music, and design in an environment where audiences are immersed in the experience. The intersection of innovation, creativity and technology allows consumers to interact with our digital experiences on a whole new level of engagement…as if time slows down.


We’re extremely fortunate to have a talented team of creatives that love what they do, each possessing a unique skill set, all with one singular goal…produce content that engages, entertains, educates and inspires families all over the world. Below are some of the best and brightest innovators on the planet!

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