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Immersive Experiences:

For the past 20 years Centrica, located in Florence, Italy, has been producing high-resolution imaging as well as digital immersive and interactive experiences all over the world. We combine professional skills, experience, certified proficiency, proprietary technologies, and creativity.


Centrica has the scientific capabilities to enhance cultural heritage through digital technologies. Museums utilize Centrica’s expertise and ArtCentrica’s Platform to archive their priceless works of art.


Pioneering in high-resolution digitization, their proprietary applications allow paintings to come to life in astounding story-telling visual experiences. Many museums are finding that Centrica’s Immersive Technologies allows visitors to engage with art in an exciting new experiential 360 space where the audience can look in any direction and see content. This new form of digital engagement gives artists a new canvas of creativity to reach younger audiences who have grown up only using screens.


Wherever or whenever museums want to archive their art collection with digitized, GigaPixel resolution, Centrica is the worldwide leader in safely handling the complex visual elements and solutions. Centrica converted more than one thousand works of art from the iconic Uffizi Galleries in Florence Italy. Other clients include the; Foundation Cassa Risparmio in Bologna, The Museum of the Dome in Florence, and The Hamburg Museums. Centrica is partnering with museums to bring art to schools, with ArtCentrica EdTech cloud service, which already includes Uffizi Galleries and Brera collections.


With the innovative startup spinoff VirtuItaly, founded in July 2015 with the objective to valorize Italian culture and creativity through immersive & interactive digital exhibitions, Centrica is exploiting its products through a leading edge solution for education, tourism and entertainment..enabling visitor engagement as never before. In the past two years they have brought the "Renaissance Experience" to Leipzig, Germany and Shenzhen, China.


Immersive Technology used to be something you’d watch in Science Fiction movies. Today, Immersive Technology has many different applications and is being used by media companies, brands, advertisers, educators and consumers alike in countless innovative ways. 

Uffizi Virtual Experience

Uffizi Virtual Experience

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