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For the past 20 years, Jumping Frog Entertainment has been producing 2D and CGI animation for brands, media companies, education, and marketing companies. Together with our award winning production partners we create compelling story driven content that brings your ideas to life.


Our first-class animation partners collaborate with us in the pipe-line, seamlessly working together, side by side, day in and day out. With their talented teams of art directors, animators, modelers, riggers, designers, technicians and engineers…we are  able to produce exceptional animation at very reasonable pricing. It’s an inescapable reality…overseas animation production costs combined with the quality of their work allows us to save our clients money. 


Animation is a highly creative collaboration and it’s essential that we listen, understand and visual communicate our clients vision. We work with brands to ensure that their vision is consistent with their message.


At heart, we are story tellers and whether it’s animation for a pilot, a series, an Immersive Experience or advertising, we are passionate in our pursuit of excellence. 

Toy Promotion Animation Job  - Episodic Campaign

Toy Promotion Animation Job - Episodic Campaign

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