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Projection Mapping:

We’re Mesmerized By Experiences That Play Tricks On Our Eyes!

Projection Mapping is unlike any other art form, merging real-world environments with extraordinary displays of Light, Visual Effects, Animation and Motion. Our installations go beyond engaging the audience, the whole environment comes to life with a kaleidoscope of imagery, music and sounds.


Jumping Frog Entertainment is excited to announce their exclusive North American Alliance with MP-STUDIO LTD., a worldwide leader in 3D Projection Mapping and Visual Effects for any event. MP-STUDIO has won numerous awards including the prestigious Festival of Lights Award in Berlin – 2015.

MP-STUDIO is a group of visionary artists, animators, developers, engineers, and technicians, who’ve been creating eye- popping 3D projection mapping projects, indoors and outdoors, for the past 10 years. They have created both temporary and permanent installations in Kuwait, The Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, France, Qatar, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and many more.


This day in time people think they’ve seen it all, which makes it practically impossible to capture their attention. Well, MP- STUDIO delivers mind-blowing visuals that demand you stop and stare!


You can create tremendous buzz around your marketing campaigns. Companies are beginning to understand the potential rewards of telling their brand stories on magnificent architectural facades. Using these massive structures as a canvas to create compelling, uber-engaging content is the “WOW” to delivering a truly immersive crowd experience. The impact always exceeds the event! Audiences binge on it, they share it, they talk and post about it! Let’s Make Ideas Play!

Mapping Demo

Mapping Demo

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